Columbian Life Contracting

We appreciate your decision to contract with Columbian Life Insurance
Company. Getting started can be accomplished in two easy steps.
1. Simply click on the contracting link ->  Columbian Life Contract,
     please provide a copy of your insurance license & void check.
2. To complete the appointment process Columbian Life requires you to
     submit your first life insurance application.
Product Information & Details
Below are direct links from our producer resource website for Columbian Life's current portfolio. From the links below you have access to view, download, and print applications packages by state, training, brochures, rates, and download our software, etc.  Note: simply click on the BLUE hyperlinks to view details.
"Whole life plan of insurance underwritten on a simplified issue basis. Issue ages 18 to 85, face amounts from $2,500 to $35,000. Designed for the final expense marketplace."
"Designed to meet your client's temporary life insurance needs."  
Level term plan is underwritten on a  simplified issue basis, issue ages 18 to 65.
Face amounts from $25,000 to $250,000.
"Life Solutions is a whole life plan of life insurance, with premium payment period ends at age 90, issue ages 0 to 80, face amounts from $20K to $500K.     "An excellent product for individuals, children, and family plans."
Simple Security "simplified issue whole life"
" Simple Security a whole life plan of insurance, underwritten on a simplified issue basis, with issue ages 0 to 85" and face amounts from $2.5K to $15K.
Yes, we offer telesales!.... Our tele-sales process is simple and easy! 
The following products are available for tele-sales -
1. Dignified Choice Classic Series aka final expense 
2. SafeShield - simplified issue term
Use Temporary Agent Code: 333 to complete your first tele-sale
If you would like to submit either Dignified Choice Classic Series or SafeShield by "tele-app" voice signature process" before you have been assigned a writing number.