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Go to the Prep Link below after you have filled out the New Agent Form:

Insurance Exam Prep Link:

Please follow these steps 1. TO RECEIVE A $20.00 DISCOUNT PLEASE COMPLETE (THE NEW AGENT FORM).   
2. Click on the Life and Accident & Sickness link (LH), and enter your code for New Student Registration.
3. Follow instructions online from there.

To Become An Agent you will need a Georgia Life and Health License.

1. $179.00 online 40-hour course.
2. $ 63.00 State Exam
3. $ 48.25 State FingerPrint
4. $115.00 State GID form For the following states, also please see the helpful resource links:

Georgia‚Äč - Finger Printing - Georgia Insurance Exam

Florida - Licensing && Compliance

Virginia - Licensing & Compliance

Alabama - Licensing

Wisconsin - GID 102 Insurance - Insurance Exam